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This power distribution pack is ideal for the supply of fused
independent power to LED and Moving Light luminaires. The unit
is fitted with a 3 phase main isolating MCB feeding 12 x 13 amp
MCBs (6 MCBs in the 630 model). Each of the channel MCBs
can be switched on or off to control the power to that load.
Outputs are available as ANZ 3 pin sockets, Socapex or


Available in:

TLDBPACK - DB-Pack, 12 x 13 amp MCBs, Socket 3pin NZ/AUS
TLDBPACKSO - DB-Pack, 12 x 13 amp MCBs, 2 x Socapex sockets

TLDBPACK-R - DB-Pack, 6 x 20 amp RCD/MCB 1 x Socapex socket



Theatrelight DB Pack

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