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The SwitchPack DMX is a reliable DMX controlled mains power supply for LED luminaires, moving lights, and other inductive and capactive loads. It is available in three versions: SwitchPack 1210 (12 channels at 10 amps), SwitchPack 1220 (12 channels at 20 amps) and SwitchPack 630 (6 channels at 32 amps), with terminal or a selection of socket backs.

The standard 19 inch rackmount case contains either 6 or 12 Solid State Relays for remote switching of loads by DMX control. Solid state relays generate very little electromagnetic interference compared to hard switched Relay contacts.


  • Solid State Relays use dual SCRs (not Triacs)
  • SCRs are continuous pulse train driven for no minimum load limitation requirement
  • On or Off states may be controlled by DMX remotely, or locally from the internally lit front panel pushbuttons.
  • When DMX controlled, channels turn at 60% and turn off at 40%. This hysteresis provides flicker-free On/Off switching
  • Programmable security delays to prevent switch on off of critical loads
  • Manually controlled channels On/Off state always restored on power up
  • DMX controlled channels always power up Off
  • Keyboard disable feature to prevent unauthorised operation
  • Universal power supply:  90-240vac, 50-60 hertz.


Switchpack 121012 channels of 13 amp MCBs. Available with Aust/NZ socket back, Socapex back, terminal back, or to order
Switchpack 122012 channels of 20 amp MCBs. Available with Socapex back, terminal back, or to order
Switchpack 6306 channels of 32 amp MCBs. Available with terminal back, or to order

Switch Pack DMX (Solid State Switching)

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