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These professional quality panels allow the recording of scenes and sequences onto four pages of Scenemasters. It is ideally suited to smaller theatres and TV studios. Features include four pages of playback masters, programmable up/down fade times, multiple chase speeds, and a chase-beat function for synchronizing chases to live music. DMX-512 output is standard. Supplied with operators manual and dust cover, colour VGA output, desk lights, and SD memory card.


  • 12/24 and 24/48 chn models
  • Easy to learn, simple to use
  • Recordable up and down fade times
  • Multiple independent chase speeds
  • Large memory capacity
  • 4 pages of scenemasters with page overlay
  • Record Beat function for synchronizing chase speeds
  • SD Card back up of all cue data
  • VGA output for live monitoring of desk and on-screen Help


TLSC24VGAScenemaster 3 12/24 desk, VGA output
TLSC48VGAScenemaster 3 24/48 desk, VGA output

Scenemaster 24 & 48 - Lighting Console

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