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Theatrelight’s updated Satellite II is a general purpose 6 channel dimmer for use in clubs, small theatres, touring troups, or any venue requiring a simple reliable dimmer. The new LCD version is even easier to use, and provides the enhanced features of its larger cousin the RackPack II, but in an economical 6 dimmer pack.


  • Large LCD display
  • Easy to use menu system
  • Programmable DMX start address
  • Min, Max, Off, and Test level per dimmer
  • Softstart and Non-Dim setting per  dimmer
  • Isolated DMX input, 1/10th standard RS-485 load


TLSAT610Satellite 6, 6x13 amp MCBs, Terminal/Socket, SCRs
TLSAT620Satellite 6, 6x20 amp MCBs, Terminal/Socket, SCRs

Satellite II

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