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The RUSH Scanner 1 LED is designed to enable lighting designers to boost the wow factor and energise crowds with high-speed mid-air looks in a variety of entertainment venues and nightclubs. 
This fixture delivers high output via sharp optics and is packed with eye-catching effects. With its high-speed pan and tilt capabilities, the RUSH Scanner 1 LED is ideal for creating dramatic atmospheres and boosting energy levels on cruise ships, in dance clubs and other nightlife venues. 

Compact size, low weight, rugged construction and long-life LEDs also make the RUSH Scanner 1 LED a favourite for rental companies seeking to produce once-in-a-lifetime memorable events through powerful, dynamic lighting effects. 

• High-power, long-life 90 W white LED engine 
• Effects include two gobo wheels. two color wheels and a 3-facet prism 
• Sharp projections with motorized focus 
• DMX control and standalone operation 
• Auto trig and music trig standalone modes 
• Compact size and rugged construction. Weight: 9.6 kg

RUSH Scanner 1 LED

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