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With tough glass filled nylon handles and a sturdy steel case, these portable packs are ideal for schools and theatre, and for touring and hire use. The range now includes a dual channel 60 amp pack, and a single channel 120 amp pack for film and TV lights, both fitted with an additional manual fader control. These models also feature an extended soft-start time designed to extend the bulb life of 12 Kw and 24 Kw Fresnel luminaires on TV and film sets.


  • Molded high impact plastic handles
  • Interlocking feet for easy stacking
  • Sturdy steel case for durability
  • Isolated DMX input, 1/10th standard RS-485 load
  • High immunity to mains interference
  • Available in 12x10 amp, 2x60 amp, or 1x120 amp models


TLPPK1210PowerPack, 12x13 amp MCBs, DMX, Sockets, SCRs
TLPPK2/60PowerPack, 2x63 amp MCBs, DMX/faders, Cables, SCRs
TLPPK1/120PowerPack, 1x120 amp MCB, DMX/fader,Cables, SCRs

PowerPack DMX Dimmer

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