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The Theatrelight Nova is a versatile and easy to use control panel for smaller venues. The Nova can be used as a manual two preset console using the Park function, or as a memory desk featuring recorded scenes and chases. The Nova is also fitted with a Sound to Light function for clubs or display lighting. Applications include dance parties, clubs and discos, and smaller theatres. Supplied with operation manual, dust cover, and SD card.


  • 10 pages of 8 submasters in the 24 channel model
  • 4 pages of 20 submasters in the 36 channel model
  • Each submaster can record a scene, a chase or an entire show
  • Record beat function for synchronising to live music
  • Sound to Light operation
  • SD Card back up of all cue data


TLNOVA24Nova 24, 24 channels, 80 scenes or chases as 10 pages of 8 sub-masters
TLNOVA36Nova 36, 36 channels, 80 scenes or chases as 4 pages of 20 sub-masters

Nova 24 & 36 - Lighting Console

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