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The ND66 is a robust, high-performance small-diaphragm condenser instrument microphone. Its self-biased small-diaphragm condenser element is vividly responsive to the complex dynamic nature of percussive and stringed instruments, and delivers a clean, crisp and detailed sound. With the ND66’s exclusive locking rotating head, achieve ideal mic placement in virtually any situation by merely pushing a button, rotating the head into position, then releasing the button to lock the head's position.



  • Small-diaphragm condenser mic with powerful bass and controlled mids
  • Captures the fast transients of cymbals, acoustic guitars, and percussion
  • Vivid high-end detail brings your strings and vocals to life in a mix
  • Great for spaced and coincident pairings
  • Locking pivot head nestles into tight spaces for convenient on-axis miking
  • Offset XLR jack stays out of the way
  • Cardioid polar pattern produces a realistic image of your source
  • Sold individually

ND66 Condenser Cardioid Instrument Microphone

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