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The Meteor meets the increasing need for control of environmental and architectural lighting for power saving and mood effects with the same control features as the Nebula, but in a wall mount cabinet for permanent installtion. The cabinet has easy access for supply and load wiring with convenient cable duct exits at the top and the bottom of the cabinet. Two matching outlet panels are available for the Meteor - a sockets only panel carrying 12 sockets, useful with an externable patch cord system, or a built-in 12 to 24 waylines patch system using Tapon plugs patching into the 12 dimmer sockets, with an additional 3 socket for independent power. The Meteor may be controlled by DMX, or by intelligent wall plate controllers, building management computer, or by DMX-over-Ethernet (Art-Net, ShowNet, or Streaming ACN) using the Theatrelight ED2 receiver.


  • Large 4 line, 20 character LCD display
  • Proportional softpatch per dimmer
  • Min, max, test, soft-start, curve per dimmer channel
  • All dimmer parameters held in flash memory
  • SCR circuitry with high immunity to mains noise
  • Isolated DMX input, 1/10th standard RS-485 load
  • Software versions for Environmental or Stages Scenes lighting
  • Remote port allows access from remote wall plates
  • Up to 100 Meteor dimmers may be slaved together
  • Optional socket outlets only panel (not pictured)
  • Optional hardpatch, 12 sockets to 24 Tapon plugs on flexible leads wired to DIN rail terminals, and 3 sockets for permanent power each with MCB and power-live indicator


TLMET1210Meteor, 12x13 amp MCBs, SCRs
TLMET630Meteor, 6x32 amp MCBs, SCRs
TLMET~ SKTMeteor with 12 sockets only outlet box
TLMET~ PATMeteor with 12 sockets to 24 patch plugs outlet box
TLFP6W/IIntelligent Wallplate Controller

Meteor Dimmer

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