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The TL-ED2 and TL-DE2 are portable Ethernet-DMX converters which may be mounted beside a dimmer cabinet, or tie-wrapped to a lighting bar. Thumbwheel selection allows simple setup of ten DMX Universes and ten Groups/Subnets. The TL-ED2 receives broadcast Art-Net and a subset of the Strand ShowNet, and converts them DMX for driving fittings such as LEDs, moving lights, dimmers, smoke machines. The matching TL-DE2 is a DMX to Art-Net transmitter- it can be used by any DMX control desk to drive a Cat 5 cable network using common PC standard Ethernet hubs. Distributed receivers (such as the TL-ED2) can convert the signal back to DMX where it is needed. Both units have HTP and LTP merge options built in, with coding for up to 100 DMX universes (51,200 channels).

DMX Over Ethernet

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