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The Theatrelight Comet II is a 6 channel dimmer pack with a chase-fade generator and a built-in microphone to provide a wide variety of fading chases and sound-to-light effects. The chase and sound to light functions can be remotely controlled by the Comet 6 controller, making the Comet II ideal as entertaining lighting background to clubs and dance parties. The automatic pattern generator is also suited to window displays, exhibitions, and sign lighting. The new model is fitted with blue LCD with white backlight.


  • DMX or stand-alone chase-fade effects
  • DMX or stand-alone sound-to-light effects
  • Variable chase speed and fade time
  • Variable chase pattern and direction
  • Isolated DMX input, 1/10th standard RS-485 load


TLCOM610Comet 6, 1x13 amp MCB, Terminal/Socket, total load 10 amps
TLCOM660Comet 6, 6x13 amp MCBs, Terminal/Socket, total load 60 amps
TLCOM6CTRLComet 6 DMX Controller

Comet II

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